Relince world is looting world

मई 27, 2009

anil ambani is a
robber looting india only foolish people is buying reliance
it is a very madar chod and behenchod version om dheroo ambani
reliance is a very bad service provider of india


reliance ko mat khareedo

मई 27, 2009

Reliance is worst service provider of india

reliance is misusing customers ID proofs and photograph

मई 26, 2009

reliance is barring all new customers and requiring id proof again because first id photo using reliance illegal high customer unbarred so beware! don’t buy reliance otherwise you will got jail
ganda bhai ka ganda job reliance id proof submit karne ke bad bhi number kyo bar kar deta hai it’s common problem with all reliancegsm the reliance is playing a big game inside and they activate another many numbers on same id and showing to TRAI big numbers of customers isn’t it misuse of our id proof and a big danger for us many time may team is noticed that reliance is collecting two or three id’s at one connection so if you want to keep secure yourself don’t go for reliance stupid and oh god burn all reliance systems and anil ambani agar khud ko secure rakhna hai to reliance se bacho apki id ka reliance galat use kar raha hai reliance will say in the investigation that our system is honest and number owner is on guilty anil ambani paise ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai hate reliance hate ambani