tata docomo is gone mad after getting award
and they started charging Rs.2 per mb for social networking sites like twitter facebook orkut
shame on docomo even all other operators like BSNL giving all sites access full internet at just 1 rupees per mb (1paisa per 10kb) and also u can subscribe reliance gsm 50paisa per mb gprs plan which is still rocking
tata docomo is gone worst with sucking speed and high charges so its time to keep distance from this shit docomo and switch BSNL 3G or reliance gsm and enjoy cheap and fast net on the go



  1. Sushendu कहते हैं:

    ha ha ha!!! the website which calls itself ‘reliancegsm’ shouldnt talk about any other telecom brand…i am not a docomo customer so dont know how much of truth is there in what you saying…but i surely know one thing…its a very poor way to advertise about yourself…might want to take some lessons from a good MBA (I am free, can offer you services, ofcourse at a charge ;))…ha ha ha!!!!

  2. slape कहते हैं:

    Tata docomo is really bad and worst operator now i was waiting docomo 3G but docomo showed their real face and now i never go for docomo

  3. aman कहते हैं:

    in sis f***erz ko 10 15 din se pata nahi kya ho gaya hai sale ek dum bekar service de rahe hain aur mera balance kat liya bina bat kiye salo se bat kiya bole koi detail nahi

  4. pawan कहते हैं:

    mera 50 rupees kat liya kutton ne customer care pe cal karo to 4 ghante bad call karne ka bolte hain! 😦 kya karu 5 din ho gaye

  5. aman कहते हैं:

    mr. shushu you are docomo executive dont show your innocentness here
    if you not used docomo than why you commented here ? while this post is on docomo
    firs teach ur self than ask others

  6. slape कहते हैं:

    Tata docomo new gprs charges for facebook orkut twitter linkedin are 2Rupees per mb very high 😦

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